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Although many black women suffer from obesity, this is a fine black women. These are the type of black women I would grope. Nice booty and slim waist!

I am glad to hear about the successful outings from all rounder, it’s making me excited for my upcoming trip to my undisclosed location in South America. Although he’s lucky his country has buses, mine only has mini vans that act like buses. But, my country markets are more crowded though! :)

Literally here in Canada, everybody seems to take this virus and social distancing seriously. They even remind you to step on the marked lines. When a crowd does pop up like a beach or at a bar, I don’t hear about it until it makes the news where the reporters thrash them and tell everyone how we still have a virus going on. I see so many women looking gorgeous here in Canada and yet I have to bite my tongue to control my impulses.

I’m tired of this shit. A lot of people are wondering if it’s just a government conspiracy with lie 1, lie 2 and lie 3 planned into stages.

Plus with online school, I finally get to get away from these cold winters and enjoy the hot climates in the Carribean region. Oh how I love the sun! Why did the Natives have to discover North America with such a cold climate! ;) okay I know the benefits and how this needed to happen. Nobody should insult me about this line. It’s a joke.

I miss the coconut water, cane juice, fresh food and not as much awareness/ laws about chikaning.

I do wish that online school could remain for a long while so I can enjoy South America. Maybe do some travelling to other countries I am interested in like Aruba, Bahamas, Hawaii etc.

Besides my rant and about myself, guest 718, welcome to the board! I loved your introductory story. I am getting a little tired seeing the word guest used here, I would suggest using a name like booty robber or crack addict. You get the idea.

Anyways, excited to hear more! Maybe you would be my nomination for man of month . :)

I like the roast about Shogun being a forever creep. Haha haha

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