Always a crapshoot, this game we play!

So about a month ago I posted about how I got screamed-on by a black girl with an irresistible ass, that I groped 3 times (1 time too many in her words). I have been leery of even touching any sistas since then. Well today I'm in a relatively slow-shopping day at a Walmart and run across a really scantily-clad ghetto sister With her two kids in the shopping cart. This girl came shopping to be scene: she was basically in clothes like this girl pictured. What was even worse was she had no bra on and clearly aroused. I wanted to suck her titties on the spot! We were the only ones on several aisles in the grocery section. I had been done with my shopping but I couldn't pull myself away from ogling her body. She had a tattoo on her upper thigh. The dress was so short her cheeks were exposed. Every time she passed me she would "excuse me" even though she wasn't even close. That was so I'd look.
It was all too much for me. A few times I moaned as she passed so she would know I was in "pain"! She got the hint, and started moving to the side of her cart so she could lean over as I passed by her. This created a tighter way for me to pass her. I'd have to squeeze past, which gave me the opportunity to grope her through that thin dress! Of course my johnson was hard, but there was no way I could make contact, but DAMN! What a slut this girl was! If she's been by herself at a concert I'd have creamed her.

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