Untitled (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

@all rounder what do you mean by eight women said yes? And 7 said no? And yes I used to ride on the train. Rush hour.. Been doing it for years . Like 6 years now. Out of all my humps, I genuinely think that 7 or 8 of them really liked it! And I humped over 5,000 girls/women. As long as she has that ass I’m in! I do not discriminate. One that I’ll never forget, this black lady in her 40’s. She had a tight sundress on. I was at the train station scoping. I found her but tbh at least from my experience, it’s harder to hump women with leggings, sundresses, you know, loose clothing. Because they usually back off once they feel your thing (unless they’re into it)

This lady in the sundress however...she was the 2nd to last one (me being the last lol) to get in this CROWDED train. I decided to say fuck it! And get in right behind her but I face the train doors to not make it so obvious. Once the doors closed (took a min for them to close because I barely fit in =), I turned around . Once my dick made contact, she looked back and kinda laughed. A few people that were near me knew what I was doing lol. But I didn’t care. This lady pretty much grinded up on my dick with her fat ass. Dick right I’m between her cheeks. It was hiding in her crack lmao. Literally every chikans dream. We were glued together. I came sooo fast lol .

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