Sorry fellas, I’m not good at writing tbh. I’ll try to be better at writing my stories. Also, I feel like it’s therapeutic for me to write my stories on here. I’ve literally kept my stories all to myself. None of my close friends know about my fetish. I’m glad I found this forum. Anyway man, I’ve been getting really lucky on buses. I’ve came in my pants a good 6 or 7 times since I started trying humping on the bus. And it’s only been 3 weeks since I started lol . I work 60 hours a week so 6, 7 times is really good to me at least. From middle of March-mid July I was like a damn crack addict.

Before I got the idea to try buses, I was going to supermarkets to get a few humps and grope with my hands. Way too risky man. It wasn’t until 3 weeks ago when I passed by a bus and noticed how crowded it was =]. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a big crowd . Someone posted on here, the rush of looking for an ass to hump is the best part besides the obvious; getting lucky and busting a nut. One thing I’ve been reading on here is concert groping. I cannot wait to try this. Omfg that shit looks so easy. I’ve thought of the idea before but I’ve never went along with it.

With my fetish, and how my life always been going lately,I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I just hope I don’t get caught. I’m pretty sneaky though so I’m confident I won’t . The fear is always there though

I can’t lie, It kinda sucks knowing that I could possibly be doing this for the rest of my life, like black shogun. I love humping don’t get me wrong. But sometimes it does take up a lot of my time. I once went searching from 6am-930pm. It was the longest search. I’ll never forget that. I was so damn desperate man. I hate those days when it’s hard to find a girl that’ll let you do your thing. I’m just happy that lately I’ve been getting lucky.

Usually I go hump searching like 1x every 2 weeks. Lately I’ve been going 3,4 times a week. Especially since my sex life has been absolutely terrible. I haven’t had (free) sex in about 3 years. I’ve been paying man. I really want to stop soon. It just doesn’t feel the same . I miss the feeling of the girl being into it.

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