Re: Buster question and Easy Rider

To answer your question, yes I've seen up close and personal a chikan AGGRESSIVELY grinding in a target that I would have loved to get in the situation he had her. It broke my heart watching! But I had to physically stop him! Allow me to explain.
This was in high school. I'd never met this girl until the 9th grade. She wore the shortest dresses (at a strict Christian high school, I don't know how she got away with it) in our class and had the smoothest skin imaginable. I used to position myself in our geometry class so when she came in she'd have to squeeze last me, everyday. It became routine, and I know she was okay with it. Well over the first 2-3 years we became closer friends, and I slowed-down on my molestations. I'd still get her when the opportunity rose, but I didn't want her to finally say something.
One day in our senior year (by this time she was dating my friend) I saw her out on a balcony of the cafeteria. She was struggling with a freshman newcomer. I went closer to the door and she called out my name! She needed help- but at first I didn't understand what the problem was. Then I saw: this little guy had a massive boner poking through his corduroys and was wrestling with her to grind ALL UP IN THAT ASS! She wanted me to stop him! Being friends now, I had to help her! Shit, I pretended to try to free her, which eventually I was gonna do, but it was turning me on watching him sink in between her soft thighs with such abandon! He could care less who saw it. He was on autopilot! After a few minutes I said enough and pulled him away so she could escape. As she left, he said this: "Man, I been getting her every week after school down in the basement ", they worked after school to support their tuition. "She be wearin' those skimpy dresses". I couldn't say anything because I knew what he was saying.
What happened though, at the end of our senior year, is we went on a Senior getaway and during that excursion went into an underground cave. In that cave I got her- pulled my cock out and nudged it in between her thighs for about 10 minutes when we came to an end and couldn't go any deeper. Heaven.....!
As for EasyRider: I don't know about you, but I'm married and have 2 kids. Raves are too risky! What if or if them shows up? NO CAN DO.

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