Re: Guestz - Raves

Guestz, since we both are able to discuss & reminisce about the heyday of vb, I know that we're around the same age. Trust me when I say that all I hit are raves & reggaeton shows.

In attending the raves, I do take measures to slightly alter my appearance in order to fit in better. Haven't had much of an issue. There have been some youngsters that see through the alterations, but rarely have I've been called out for it. Usually, it's something subtle....some youngster wants to take your picture / take a picture with you (I refuse to do that).

SHould decide to partake at some point, do the outdoor fest, park yourself front & (near) center at the barricade (a lot of older dudes out themselves by creepin' through the crowd), and just let the "gravitational pull" of that area do its work.

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