Warning: She may be 11 (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

I have been a chikan ever since I was 8 years old. I got it from my brother who is 5 years older than me. He used to always play fight with one of our hot cousins . He would always wanna wrestle with her “for some reason”. He would always do wrestling moves that would always end up with him digging his dick up her ass. I vividly remember him doing this and wondering why his thing was up (boner). A few months later I remember trying it myself with a classmate. And yes I was able to get a boner at 8 lol. I dabbled here and there from ages 8-16. Never came but this story imm about to mention, I became a full time chikan. It’s one of my most memorable frots, was when I was 16. I was in my home country . Over there I’m considered a very good looking dude . It’s a very small town and most dudes are pretty average or below average . Only a handful of good looking guys. So lucky for me, I would get a lot of attention from hot girls ( of age and under). It also helped that I’m from New York lol. I got lucky and was able to slay this one lady in her late 20’s. Total slut. Not really hot tbh but you know, as a young teen, your hormones are through the roof. That’s a story for another time lol. Anyway, so this is the story. One of my gmas neighbors over there was a 11 year old girl with a nice behind. Right off the bat she made it obvious that she had a thing for me. She would always talk to me, always try to get my attention , and would wanna play hide and seek with me and her other friends (that were her age) . I’m not into girls this age by any means but man it’s different when a girl that age has a body of a 15/16 year old. She had a nice butt, skinny, cute face, always wore short shorts. So one day while we were all playing hide and seek in her huge backyard. I made it a thing that I would always hide with her. Since I knew she had a crush on me, I knew she wouldn’t care if I hid with her (unless she was the one doing the seeking). So the seeker starts counting from 1-60 seconds and all of us go look for a hiding spot. I run with her just admiring her ass from behind. As soon as we reach our hiding spot, I went right behind her. We’re being as quiet as we can. I look at her ass and I slowly start backhanding it. She didn’t say a word =]. I was scared to rub my dick at first because since she’s my neighbor I wouldn’t want to scare her and have her say something to my gma or her parents. Not a prob though because I was able to have fun with my hands for a good 2 minutes. I’m still not sure till this day if she liked it or not but she did not say one word. Later on in the day, it started to get slightly dark out. That’s when I knew I was gonna give it a shot and hump her. The seeker again counts to 60. We both go running together to a nice secluded spot. It was behind a small shed. I get right behind her again but I’m hesitant to hump . After maybe 2 minutes of hiding and backhanding her ass, I start to get a huge erection. We all know how it is when you’re a Chikan and you see a opportunity. You become impulsive. I said fuck it! So I came up with a good plan to “bump” her ass. Since I’m already behind her , I already have that step done. Now I gotta go for the kill lol. I told her to look to see if the seeker was coming. she peeks her head out to see which caused her ass to poke out near my dick. At this point there was no looking back. I grabbed her from behind and pulled her towards my hard dick as hard as I can and said “okay stop she might see you” she laughed and said okay. My oh my my dick was in her ass for a full minute. Again like I said I have no clue if she knew what I was doing but honestly the more I think of it, I really believe she prob did like what I was doing but she didn’t realize why she liked it at the moment. I could be wrong who knows. Maybe a chikan expert can decide on that. Anyway, I was having a great time with my dick all up her ass. I was sooo close to ejaculating in my pants. Sigh, her fucking friend finds us. It was almost 9 pm which was everyone’s curfew so we had to stop playing. For the next 2 weeks I kept this game going. We played a total of maybe 6 or 7 times. Always was successful at humping her while hiding . Never said a thing. Unfortunately however, I was never able to cum. And I even had on basketball shorts with no underwear lmao. Now this is where it’s gets reaaally good. So one day , I’m in the house I was staying at (my gmas house) my gma was the only one at home at the time. Im in my room on the computer just browsing MySpace at the time lol. When out of nowhere she comes in the room. She comes and asks what I was doing. She sits on the bed and I’m on the computer chair. I immediately look for a way I can hump her. So I came up with this. I turn on the camera on the computer and said “hey we should take pictures” . She smiles and says “ yea let’s do it”. I said okay come sit on my lap so we ca both fit in the camera. She said “okay” and sat on my lap =]]].I think I might’ve set a world record for getting the fastest boner ever lolol. I had her sit right on my dick. We start taking pictures for maybe 10 minutes. I’m trying my absolute best to stretch this out as long as I can (till I cum) but it’s hard to cum with her just sitting on my dick with no movement. So after 10 min she starts to slowly stand up . I get balsy. I pulled her and sat her right back down on my raging hard dick and said “where do you think you’re going?”. She just laughed and slightly yelled “but we took like 50 pictures “ lmaoo. I act as if I’m mad and said “why are you yelling at me?”and playfully poked her rib which caused her to bounce on my hard dick. BINGO!! I got real balsy and just started straight up tickling her. She was bouncing all up on my dick and I was also humping her at the same time. The sensation of that is something I have never felt before! I was in heaven for only 30 seconds. I busted the longest, best nut I had in my life!! Man I wish I filmed this. I would fap to this everyday. I still fap to the memory of it till this day.

If you want more stories I have a few really good ones. But this story is by far the best IMO

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