Things are slightly returning. I got two excellent success recently on transit.

The first was wearing very, very thin jeggings. I got behind her and made contact, no boner yet and she immediately slightly moved forward. I’ve learned that to be a polite maneouvour in this pandemic - it isn’t a rejection. I immediately resumed the contact of my soft cock in her crack. She didn’t move at all. So I increased the pressure and dug deeper. I started to grow and grow in her soft asscrack and I could feel her cheeks cushioning my shaft, man. When I was fully hard I felt her pushing it back on me. After some time I could feel her move that booty lower down to my head and I could feel it get trapped in between her. God, I love that feeling. She would slightly move her booty left and right with my cock trapped inside while I throbbed and throbbed. She knew I was in there. When we eventually reached our stop she made a strong effort to turn around and look at my crotch then at me, so it confirmed it for me. This pandemic isn’t ruining the game completely!

The second was had a much, much bigger booty and she was wearing these thin navy trousers. I really let this one have it. I got behind her and made contact. She was such a player, she just sat that donkey inbetween my thighs and moved it all over. Up, down, side to side, back and forward. God. I could’ve came. She just kept rubbing her soft soft booty all over my swollen meat. Never gave me eye contact at any point, she just let her ass do the talking.

Still after my first COVID cumshot!

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