Re: Le-Mon/ how things got started

I have described how I got into this chikan-thing many times before. But one major event I really never focus on when it comes to me and my humping is this: in middle school I was mostly known for being quiet and shy. I really tried to act like I wasn't interested in girls at all, but really it was the opposite! I seemingly remember ALWAYS having a boner around girls! I had very active hormones- I was the kid with the worst acne you could ever imagine. So that was a deterrent (in my mind) for wanted to date- I thought they wouldn't like me because of my 'pizza face'. I got teased and talked about by my guy-friends. That's part of growing up, I suppose. But looking back I realize the girls looked beyond that. In secret they seemed to be drawn to the fact that I was a horny toad! If I only knew then what I eventually learned after graduation from high school- LAWD! But anyway, I got into actually chikanning strangers from some of the guys in 8th grade. They used to corner girks when the teacher wasn't around and grind on them. In the closet, coming and going to the cafeteria, anywhere! And what was even better is the fact that the girls didn't fight them. They acted like they didn't want it, but they never said "stop" or refused to go through the lines of guys lined up to molest them. I was one of maybe 3 that didn't participate. But soon I would find a sneaky way of doing it. Only one girl got the receiving end of my lust, and she kept quiet about it. Then there was a trip to the county fair, where the same guys started getting strangers while in tight gatherings. That's what sparked me to this obsession so many decades later!

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