Re: Re: Le-mon/raves

Raves are insane Guestz.

At 39 I am taking risks going to the clubs, concerts and raves I go to. I keep fit, dress according to the event. All that helps but the main thing about my chikan game is that I have done 90% of it WITH my chikan friend. When we attend stuff together it seems more natural, we don't have CREEPY GUY vibes scaring girls off, we also save each other from sticky situations.

We became friends in school, year 8 aged 12. We were paired up by our Maths teacher, spent the whole lesson talking about the sexy girls around us. He told me his titty groping technique: whenever there's a crush of bodies in the hallways he cruises up and down with his arm at an angle so it presses against girls boobs as they walk past. I remember getting a boner hearing that.

He told me to try it and watched me, it was so easy and eventually we would be helping each other out by pushing girls or squishing a girl into each other so we can feel and touch her up. We got away with so much craziness.

From that point we teamed up in our chikan hobby. We developed so many techniques. Like the example I just mentioned, we both changed our school bags to messenger style bags with one strap on a shoulder, then we would hold a hand on the strap to perfectly backhand into girls tits when walking past.

We saved each others asses on many occasions when one of us took a risk / went too far. So many stories to share.

We also shared a number of girlfriends :) but that quickly gets boring once its done. Nothing beats the rush and excitement of chikan.

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