raves (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Lots of raves happening during lockdown. I went to one near London on Saturday with my chikan friend, he found out about it and picked me up.

SHIT music. Must have been around 500 people, easily 80% girls - it was a very hot afternoon, so as usual the girls were wearing skimpy tiny clothes. We were surrounded by teen girls, amazing seeing so many young pretty practically-naked girls.

It was total chaos. Fights were breaking out in places, probably because everybody was cramming together. We had masks on but majority didnt.

From the moment we arrived I indiscriminately started touching girls: arses, boobs, pussies, bare thighs, tummys. It was too easy. Got my hands on many little teeny arses and pussies around me as I shuffled through the sea of bodies. Feeling em up over shorts, tiny skirts, leggings. I fingered pussies and arse holes of several trapped/squashed pretty girls - too crowded for em to know who was abusing em. Pinched dozens of little nipples and fully grabbed and held boobs. My dick was hard as a rock, which I poked deep into many teeny bum holes, slid it between thigh gaps wherever I could.

Some girls noticed me and resisted but were powerless. Come on its an illegal bloody rave, parents would probably kick their arses for being there. MOST girls were either just ignoring / letting the gropes happen or just totally unaware. I didnt waste time to see if they were players, just kept taking what I wanted.

Actually a lot seemed drunk / high on some shit.

Anyway, that was just the first five minutes.

Me and my friend regrouped, made a plan. I'll write up more details later if anybody is interested.

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