Re: Allrounder

That there video is the shit! I know you say "dangerous", but this is my opinion: Sometimes the situation just works out right, and people just assume the two are together, so they just mind their business. I know that if I saw a "couple" going at it like this I would just assume they are together, and just worked-up out in public. Why would I intervene? Shit! I'd stand back and enjoy the show! I'd probably be the color of green (with envy) but otherwise I could give a shit! Maybe I'm jaded. I've been out and about and seen (and been involved in) this type of behavior so many times it DONT faze me. I recounted a few years back, where an asian target did just what is in this video to yours-truly. "Moanin' and goblin' like a turkey", while I pumped "her ass from here to Albuquerque", as Ice Cube rapped! I'll never forget that one! Folks around us had to just assume we were together by how blatant it was! Great Nutt! I think they even named a cereal after times like that!

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