Called out! (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

When this topic came up recently, I said that the last time I had been called out was about six years ago. The following is an edited version of my record of that event.

I had a tough time today, not because of the length of the chase, but on account of being challenged. The lady actually created a scene in the presence of her little son. Such events are always disturbing, but I was able to recover my calmness, and come out with an excellent result.

Two women on the buses told me no before my encounter with the bomb. She put on a great show. Soon after I touched her right shoulder with my erection, she leaned away from me and shouted, "You can't be serious!" She then got up and went to where her little boy was sitting near the front of the vehicle (we were near the back.) She told the conductor, who she seemed to know, something like, " I'm not taking your bus any more because of the perverts." "You can't be serious," she continued, addressing me, "sitting down on me and getting a hard-on." The night before, I had dreamt about being arrested by the police, so I tried to avert that danger by apologizing. "What do you mean you are sorry," she replied. After a while, I rang the bell to get off. She continued the show by telling me not to touch her as I disembarked and she made a clumsy effort to avoid me as I alighted.

After that I switched routes, for obvious reasons, and after an unsuccessful ride a bus going to the east of the island, I found what I was looking for on another vehicle going in the same direction. A 16 year old schoolgirl let me press against and cum on her butt. She was standing at a right angle to me, but I avoided looking into her face, and she did not look at me. We pretended that nothing unusual was going on.

My willing partner was close to six feet tall and blessed with a prominent posterior. She was brown-skinned, and had a square head and a small nose. She was wearing her school uniform, a blue skirt and a white blouse.

That's how my record of the event ends. Not long after I ejaculated against her ass, I discovered her identity via social media. I sent her a friend request which she actually accepted. I am not sure if she realizes that I am the one who humped her.

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