Replies to the Board

Wow! I am not like other members on this board to not appreciate our “guest” members. Thank you for complimenting me and others!

I am glad to see other members of this board following in my footsteps to share beautiful POC women. Don’t let anyone being critical of our preferences!

Webmaster, since the majority of us don’t like in Africa or South America to continue our chikaning activities. This might create a problem for man of the month and man of the year. Plus, the protests seem to thin out recently for BLM(not enough crowding to chikan), i heard something about money laundering being done within BLM and using the money to help political campaigns. I remember the majority of celebrities would attend these protests, now they just occasionally post about it from their social media accounts. It would be very interesting to hear if anyone was able to chikan an star at the BLM protests! Even one of the social media stars would be an thriller!

I assume some of these online awards for 2020 will be for best contributions of videos and pictures! Maybe people might have to share throwback stories to win an award.

Hall of Famers may come and go, but it creates more of an opportunity for newbies to shine.

One of the Hall of Famers of this board, Mr Teen Groper appeared once to share an photo of his hand on an teen girl buttocks but disappeared again! Hopefully he didn’t get arrested again. He left me and others on this board excited when he popped out of nowhere. He was one of the best writers on this board.

Rock Hard appeared but vanished. Would have loved to hear more of his stories as well! His technique was one of my favourite besides High School Humper.

Before this pandemic, this board used to be lit, now its getting kind of boring.

One of the people who contributed something exciting was Blaze!

I can’t wait till my upcoming trip to South America, I heard a lot of people are disobeying the rules in my vacation spot and still doing crowding. It was in the news. The health authorities have blamed that for the increase in cases.

Thats what I miss about South America, it’s very easy to chikan there.

In Canada, I have to wait till 2021 to chikan. I see some events are already planned for that year!

Good night! :)

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