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Answered July 24, 2018

I am a Muslim Girl who wears a Burqa. Therefore I take full care not to expose my body in any manner. However I have big breasts which measure almost 36C and their shape is prominently visible no matter what I wear.

A few weeks back I was traveling by bus from my office to home. It was late evening and was dark. The bus was crowded and i did not get a place to sit. I was standing and hoping for a place to sit.

Suddenly I felt a hand touching me on my waist. I kept quiet because the bus was very crowded and I felt that it could be by mistake too and I did not want to create a scene. Suddenly I felt the hand moving on my butt and squeezing it. I was taken by surprise but also felt a surge of excitement and arousal. I had never been touched by any guy before and I must admit that the touch aroused me.

He kept squeezing my butt for 5 minutes and then all of a sudden his hand went on my breasts and he started pressing them and his fingers moving in a circular motion and that started stimulating my nipples.

By this time I started getting a deep arousal and I could feel my panties getting moist with my fluids. I got a mild orgasm and felt a surge of vibration flow in my body. He started rubbing his erect penis on my butt and after 1 minute he stopped. I realised that he had ejaculated in his pants.

By this time my bus stop was nearing and without looking behind I moved ahead and stood near the entrance and then got off.

When I reached home my panties were drenched wet and I could not help using my fingers to stimulate my nipples and clitoris. I got a deep orgasm. It was my first masturbation.

Afterwards I felt a bit ashamed of letting a stranger touch my breasts and butt. I asked forgiveness from Allah and did my namaz.

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