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Priya P, Delhi life, travelling, being groped,being a foodie
Updated June 3, 2019

Yes willingly I allow. i look forward to guys groping me in bus or metro. In crowded places I like being secretly ‘taken advantage of’// All this secret or not seen publicly by other aunties or like that/.

This is my secret liking/fetish. I sometimes wear such clothes so that i can feel the touch more like Leggings. I know it sounds sick but hey i am allowed one weird liking right?s

Priya P - Thin clothes like leggings and kurtis. ALso, squeezing inside a crowded bheed wali bus excites me

Reply - Karan
October 16, 2019

How to guess she likes and how can i squeez u

Reply - Priya P
Original Author · October 19, 2019

I think if you just slowly touch, and if woman slowly squeezes back or tries to get close to you. Then means like I want that.

Reply - Karan
November 2, 2019

Thanks and give some hints so that i may brush beside u sometimes…let it be treasure hunt

Reply - Karan
November 2, 2019

What do you prefer nowdays a metro or bus?

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