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Answered May 21

Yes I have been groped once willingly in the local train of Mumbai.

Its something that I will never forget.

It happened way back in 2017 when me and my dad were travelling to Churchgate (train station in Mumbai) I was 21 at that time and we had to go to the German consulate since I had applied for my masters in Germany.

As usual the interview was in the morning and hence we had to face the usual morning rush and my dad couldn’t let me go in the ladies compartment since I was not used to travelling by train hence he told me to go with him in the general compartment, we entered at Borivali (train station in Mumbai) it was an 8:30ish morning train that we took which was super crowded, people pushing and falling on each other.

I remember I was very uncomfortable since there were all men around and I was holding on to my Dad’s hand, and I couldn’t even say if someone was touching me intentionally or not because of the crowd. Suddenly a man comes right behind me, good built, well groomed and I guess he looked like he was in his early thirties also had a ring on his finger which meant he was married. He was standing right behind me and initially I felt his crotch rub against my butt to which I ignored because there was a lot of crowd and people pushing each other so I never really paid attention and was listening to music. After around 5mins I could feel he was on purpose rubbing his crotch on me and was trying to get an erection and BAM!!! Within 10mins of him continuously rubbing his crotch on me I could feel his super hard erection poking my butt, initially I was furious and thought I’d tell my dad but for some reason I don’t know why the f**k I was kind of enjoying that and after he saw that I didn’t really care about what was happening he got more aggressive, he was literally dry humping me so hard that my whole body was swaying back and forth and I even seen a guy standing next to me who noticed him doing it but didn’t utter a word. This whole incident went on for 45mins.

He also ejaculated in his pants since I could feel his some of his semen stuck on my jeans once I got off the train. I have never been groped like that before and I don’t even like the idea of groping it was just that one incident that still give me goosebumps and I always end up masturbating thinking about it.

PS:- I strongly condemn the act of groping women and wouldn’t recommend any one to do so because after reading this post some creeps would think it’s okay to grope women.

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