Blackie The Paki

I adopted a similar technique as well but I like to keep it on the cool subtle way. I don’t know if other Chikans do this but I like to dress well and trendy and always remain confident. Be 100 percent well groomed. Make it like I am doing the girl a favour by frotting her! Lol I completely agree with your post though. First the Chinese did the SARS outbreak and now this COVID19 outbreak.

I heard there is another virus that might have a potential outbreak originating in China! Wow what a surprise! LOL This time they claim the infection is starting with some pigs in China. It was in the news a while ago and how they are monitoring the situation.

I standby my dating preferences:

1. White Girls
2. Latina Girls
3. Indian Girls
4: Indigenous girls
5: Black Girls
6: Asian Girls

And for chikaning, well as long as they have a nice booty and seem to be comfortable with my actions, I am fine with her.

Did anyone ever notice how transgender girls are looking more like girls these days?

Damn, would love to hear any funny stories about humping a transgender women by accident.

Good night, players ! Remember to be alert of your soundings but never act weird to attract attention. S

Eric: living the best of both worlds

Canadian and Carribean Women love my game! ;)

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