Web Master Ayashi, I as a bystander, fully respect your decision on this ongoing conflict between all rounder and Black Shogun.

However, geez! All rounder. Wow damn man, that was one of the best comeback I seen so far. I feel like Black Shogun took an L (loss on this one). I like how you used mine and many others observations of black women to formulate your most recent response to Shogun.

PS: Just because I think they are mouthy and a few may be obese, I still think they are hot and would chikan one at any given chance. Even if they are heavy or a little heavy, damn their booties look good! I think North American and maybe even European Black women are more likely to call you out on your chikaning than South American Black women.

I wouldn't want to stir the webmaster any further or I think there could be further consequences.

I believe this is the only frottophila board out there so stay good and stay safe!

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