I don’t know who the heck is starting this drama but a lot of paranoia seems to be going on this board.

We got Freddy and Shogun thinking I am actually all rounder !?!?! I voted for you for Man of the Month, Freddy! Come on! You acknowledged one of my stories, Shogun! Shogun never acknowledged any of All Rounder and I think Red Dragon stories.

I guess one cannot speak their mind on this board without people jumping to conclusions. I have spoken what’s on my mind to many on this board such as all rounder, shogun and dragon.

I would insert the GIF of someone popcorn eating. As I assume that’s what Dragon, Guestz, Stizzy, Big T, Bad Boy and Buttmasher must be doing right now! LOL

I think some of y’all old timers are losing it a little! Haha

Eric: Living Best of Both Worlds
Always the outspoken one

“sometimes if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” what moms supposed to tell their kids.

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