Just like I thought . . . trying to deflect and not answer the question . . . and with a typical response coming from you. It was early in the morning, and I was groggy. It happens. But be that as it may . . . .

Now, I already know I have more money because I don't have to ride a raggedy bus to get to where I want to go each day. Your own writings prove you do that all the time. No, I'm rolling a late model whip in style. Paid for. It's all mine! But riding the bus has its benefits doesn't it? Why, you get to "have sex" by rubbing on strange women. And we already know what your women look like versus what mine look like. No need to discuss further.

And as for education goes, obviously I'm not going to give specific details, but I am going to be honest. Please know that it's tertiary, and when the top schools & programs in my field in the United States are discussed? Mine are ALWAYS mentioned in that discussion. Now, there's not a single institution on your tiny little island of TRINIDAD that can compare. Not a single one. And whatever the very best is that can be found there. . . you didn't go to it . . . .

No, you're an older (50's/60's), lower middle class (Trinidadian standards), black man with a modicum of education and earnings, who takes the bus to wherever you need to go each day with the rest of the "great unwashed". You have very little experience with women in any way that society would deem to be "normal". And like the rest of us . . . you're a pervert . . . only you live under the persistent delusion that they're ALL players and they ALL want you (classic definition of a frotteur = psych problems). They GIVE of themselves to you (you've actually said this) . . . you live for groping and chikan because you don't have much else going on in your life in your proud black country . . . this is exactly who and what you are . . . .

I have more education. I have more money. I fuck "more better" girls (excuse my negro dialect). I live in the greatest nation. And I understand that chikan ain't nuthin' but a game . . . what YOU got???

Black Shogun!!!
Not a COON
Too proud to beg

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