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Black Shogun,

There’s certain points where i agree with you, the majority of black females are obese while also being very mouthy but there are some slim thicc ones! Once in the Carribean, I remember everyone crowds together in a tight spot to upgrade their phone cards, and I braced my private area against a dark skinned black women booty. She didn’t even react. It was hot. Her black friends were looking at me but didn’t say anything. I speak as an Indo-Carribean person. I feel Carribean people from abroad have some sort of “untouchable” status or its because there’s not much prevention laws/support services/perverts in my country. I feel the majority of perverts are in North America, Europe and Asia while Africa and South America holds the least.

In my country, I hardly see any healthy black women. Not to be bias, but the more healthy girls are the Venezuelans and Brazilians who migrated and the Indo Carribean and the Indigenous girls. I find the light skin black women more attractive as well. Although, I wouldn’t bash any type of girl constantly with rudeness.

You need to balance your opinion of being critical and positive. Do both.

You need to stop putting down arm humping.

You need to stop putting down other members posts of their ideal booties.

You need to stop putting yourself on a pedestal with regards to your longevity on this board.

I do admit that the x hamster videos you share on this board are mostly sexual gratifying! Lol

darn it! I think with the these bigger vocabulary words that I have been using is turning me into all rounder 2 ! Just some light humour, all rounder. ;)


Living the Best of Both Worlds!

Experiencing Pretty Women Arses During The Year!

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