To" Eric"

I didn't read all of your emotional, typo-filled response. But just remember this . . . to "assume" makes an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME" . . . but mostly you since it's YOU making OFFENSIVE assumptions based on your misguided and incorrect opinions and "feelings". You know, as the old saying goes, we all have an opinion and an asshole. And if you're going to use your opinions to throw gratuitous "shade" on somebody else who never said squat to you, then it would really be best for you to keep both your opinions and your asshole private, as they both stink. And who are you to come in here telling a senior member what they ought to do??? I know you saw what I wrote so . . . you need to read it & heed it . . . STAY out of other people's affairs stirring up a bunch of shit here for no good reason.

Black Shogun!!!

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