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They do not count . . . it could be Arm Humper himself (he's done it many times before) or anybody else here faking it. If you want what you say to matter, then register a handle. Otherwise you're just another nameless, faceless "guest" whose musings mean nothing.

Asians can be some VERY racist people. I know this Japanese guy from online on another site. The guy goes for nothing but white girls, and will not have sex with "pure" Japanese girls. If that's what he wants, then good for him. Go for it! But before he knew I was black, he would say stuff about how black people were ugly. He would say that he would go for mixed Asian girls, but that they HAD to be a mix of Asian and white as that was the best mix, and that Asian and black produced ugly. Many, MANY Japanese/Asian people think exactly like this. Many Japanese people rejected half black/half Japanese beauty pageant winner Ariana Miyamoto (in the picture) because of her "African" look.

Now for many, many years (I'd day over 10!), I didn't tell the guy I was black. I did that because I wanted him to keep telling me the unfiltered truth about how he really felt about race. I finally told him only recently when he said something about George Floyd that pissed me off. I have found that Japanese people can be incredibly ignorant about race, including about race relations in the United States. Chinese people can be just as awful too, if not worse! Thai people . . . kissing up to the white "farang" and whitening their skin.

I mean, favor whoever you want to sexually . . . fuck (hump) who you want . . . but all people must be treated in civil society with basic dignity and respect, and accorded basic human rights. The Asian equivalent of a COON . . . a BANANA I guess . . . I saw an Asian guy one time wearing a shirt telling other Asians to STOP being BANANAS (had a partially peeled banana with a human face on it).


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