"Guest" is splicing hairs!!! Stop it!

Errrrr . . . I stick with the FACTS . . . now I won't post the pic because Ayashi will just remove it. But let us consider the facts. Is she BLACK??? YES!!! And is she FAT??? YES (including a big fat head). Those are the facts, so it can't be disputed that she's both BLACK and FAT.

But is she UGLY??? OK, now this one is a subjective judgment, but we all know the "ugly" truth. Which is that the overwhelming majority of human beings alive, if being totally honest, will say that's one UGLY woman! We can use this site as a microcosm. Not ONE person here has EVER said that woman was attractive. Not in ANY way, shape, or form. Come to think of it, not even Arm Humper has ever said that HAHAHA! No, it's been quite the opposite. That's one unattractive sight to behold that most men could not get it up for.

So to conclude. There is nothing wrong with saying that the Arm Humper photo depicts a fat, black woman. THOSE ARE THE FACTS people. And there's nothing wrong with making subjective judgments about her appearance either. It's a part of living. We make them all the time, and especially with regard to how people look. She's BLACK, she's FAT (that's a fact Jack), and in the view of most people she's UGLY. She's not ugly because she's black . . . she's ugly because . . . she IS!

Arm Humper invited ridicule by posting what he did into the court of public opinion. Such a horrendous photo. If that's what he's humpin' and "havin' sex" with . . . Lord have mercy!!!

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

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