Re: Guest - Big Diff

Again that's total pure grade BULLSHIT . . . ARM HUMPER (or whoever) . . . he said white women are not fat and don't stink, implying that other types of women (BLACK for example) are fat and do stink! So don't even try it. It's a "big diff" alright, but not in the way that you try to spin it. Here is the difference. I've never said that all black women are fat and ugly. I said that the ones that ARM HUMPER goes for are . . . BIG DIFF . . . and he HIMSELF showed us some ugly pics LOL! So if he doesn't have taste, then that's HIS problem. And in the final analysis, I don't have to "justify" or "defend" jack! But I will not stand idly by and be singled out, attacked, and insulted over my preferences either. Believe this.

Black Shogun!!!
Too proud to beg
Too legit to quit

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