Black Shogun

“Oh . . . so that's what you "feel" then? Well let me ask you this. Have you SEEN me do that??? Because the answer is NO. And so until you do, why don't you just save it? And what I KNOW (versus what I "feel") is that other people in here, specifically Guestz and Red Dragon, have stated time and again their own strong preference for white women too, but you have never said one darn thing to them about that now have you? And I know how Asian men put white women on a pedestal. Especially JAPANESE men. But no, you're going to single me out with some false assumption about what I supposedly think. STEP OFF.

Now, I know they (Guestz and Red Dragon) hump other types, but so do I. And if you had been reading well enough, then you would know that too.”

This is going to be my only reply to this discussion.

I assume the reasons why All Rounder and Red Dragon don’t share any photos any more is due to facing heavy criticism from you. I remember when you called out Red Dragon for being critical when the true culprit is YOU.

I actually enjoyed the contribution of all rounder when he showed the skinny black female model but you repeatedly disrespected his contribution and showed his ONE mistake of showing a heavy black female.

Learn to show respect when talking to others on this board. Even though I didn’t like the photo Guestz shared, I was honest but spoke positive.

I assumed when you speak of an “ugly country” you are referring to all rounder and Trinidad. Carribean women are something you would never experience.

Also, I am not afraid of calling you out on your rubbish. You are displaying signs of being a bully.

Go though my past contributions on this board and call me whatever, I don’t CARE.

I warned you before of this nonsense and you seem to not have learned your lesson. Please put an end to this circus act you are doing. Just because people don’t agree with you 24/7, you put down their target of choice. The girl I shared was the definition of slim thicc! You come up with the most absurd reasons to defend your claims.

While we are speaking our minds here, you get salty for absolutely no reason, just because Red Dragon and All Rounder don’t vote for you, you hold spite to not vote their way either. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t care who votes for me and who doesn’t. It comes down to who had the most exciting and successful outing.

PS: when you showed your pretty white female “friends” it’s not nice to stalk people on the internet and share their photos while calling them your friend! Lol

Last but not least Black Shogun wrote “ how's about you simply celebrate EVERYBODY'S choices and just leave it at that?“ Okay but why don’t you do the same? You spew out hatred remarks about the humping of arms. If you don’t agree with that, keep your mouth shut!

Red Dragon, you stand correct. Shogun is showing to have an disability where he doesn’t know he’s posting the similar types of arses to which he claims are “flat” or show no shape.

To end on a positive note shogun, I did greatly appreciate how you recognized my story of me pushing the Chinese couple out of the way to secure the hump. Thank you! You were one of the reasons why I joined this “game” or “art” whatever the board wants to call it.

Eric: Living in 2 countries and getting the best of both worlds! :)

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