Re: Eric - My Contribution

What's perfect is highly subjective, so easy to respectfully disagree. Face not tops but passable at 7 on my scale . . . nice narrow waist and plump, round bubble butt (but a wee bit too big for me . . . too much fleshy arse meat makes it difficult to dig down between the cheeks into the "paydirt") . . . and legs/thighs a bit too thick like approaching on a BBW (big beautiful woman) which I do not like. In the absence of anything else would go for it no doubt. But in a target-rich environment would pass. Not my idea of perfection at all as I look for a "total package". For me it's about the ass for sure, but not all. I mean for example, if I can't get past that face, then we can be forgettin' about them hind parts too! Not gonna happen. Not here. No way, no how!

Black Shogun!!!

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