Re: Eric - Replies to the Board

Eric wrote: "Also what's your obsession with white women, not hating on you man but I feel like if any other members of the board shows a hot Indian, Black, Hispanic or Asian lady body on this board, you would criticize them because the target of choice wasn't white."

Oh . . . so that's what you "feel" then? Well let me ask you this. Have you SEEN me do that??? Because the answer is NO. And so until you do, why don't you just save it? And what I KNOW (versus what I "feel") is that other people in here, specifically Guestz and Red Dragon, have stated time and again their own strong preference for white women too, but you have never said one darn thing to them about that now have you? And I know how Asian men put white women on a pedestal. Especially JAPANESE men. But no, you're going to single me out with some false assumption about what I supposedly think. STEP OFF.

Now, I know they (Guestz and Red Dragon) hump other types, but so do I. And if you had been reading well enough, then you would know that too. The bottom line is that I don't give a flip what kind of women anybody else humps ethnicity or race-wise. Go for what you like, because that's what I'm going to do. And like I said, if you've read well enough, then you know I like the white girls AND the Latinas in that order. That's what I go for. Those are the ones who butts normally "gets" my nuts. And occasionally I see girls of other races who turn me on and I will go for them too (even had full on sex with them). OK??? One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen my life was Thai (fucked her too!). Also seen some Indian. But I know that at the end of the day, it's mostly the white girls and the Latinas who are going to give me a boner!

So instead of talking a bunch of shit about what you apparently don't understand, how's about you simply celebrate EVERYBODY'S choices and just leave it at that? And especially not single somebody out for having the same preference that at least two other prominent members of the board have shown the exact same preference for. The hell with what you "feel". What have you seen??? When you came back here . . . you knew to keep it quiet and stay out of other people's affairs . . . don't forget it . . . .

Black Shogun!!!
I BUTT FUCK WHITE GIRLS & LATINAS (some of them THINK they white . . . but they ain't . . . pero ellas tienen carne delicioso!)

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