Replies to the Board

I completely agree Guestz with what you said in the post you tagged me on!

To the Black Shogun posts, yes those girls resemble my type too. My favourite one was the one you posted with the blond girl that had the pink spandex tights, crop top and running shoes. That’s the type of babes I like seeing on my private parts and on this board! Haha

Although that girl with the pink hoodie looks to be about 14, that’s kind of creepy coming from a veteran of this board like you. No offence!

Also what’s your obsession with white women, not hating on you man but I feel like if any other members of the board shows a hot Indian, Black, Hispanic or Asian lady body on this board, you would criticize them because the target of choice wasn’t white. At the end of the day, we must celebrate each other for a successful hump.

Again, this was an opinion so no need to use any foul mouthed language to defend.

Freddy Johnson Jr and Blaze contributed the best stories so far, would love to read some more soon. Please don’t be shy post some more! Lol. Freddy Jr, you seemed to be in close contact with the original Freddy, did he ever share his memories of groping with you when he was out on bail.

Have a good day everyone!

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