Re: Red Dragon/Eric

I knew you'd like that one RD! I saw it and was like "man wouldn't it be great to squish her against a barrier while she was in that position! The thing for me is, I've had soooo many girls like her during my "career" at this hobby. Once, which I've recounted here on this site, I had my bare member out dangling it between similarly smooth, sweaty thighs, and when she coaxed me into finally blowing my load (haha, all she did was NOT be able to get away) my juice ran down the insides of both her thighs. One caught more cum that the other and it ran down to below her knee! That one incident, that happened 2 decades ago, started a slew of copycat outings. I used to cum in my thin clothes and have to go home with it. But after that time I said to myself if I can manage it I'll leave it for them!
Now as for her "petiteness", I love them all sorts of ways. I myself appreciate Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.. They come in all sizes and shapes. I don't think Red Dragon would enjoy a Serena Williams ass, but shittttt! That girl might be too much for him, but she's athletic as any of the petite ones, with plenty to play with. That guy that married her has a fight on his hands when he wants to bang! I like 'em thick and healthy too!

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