That’s a nice looking petite ass you got there Guestz! I think you and Red Dragon both might have similar tastes as I heard before he likes petite asses too. But there is also a possibility that photo didn’t do her booty any real justice. I would be still happily to be behind her at any day as I appreciate the cheeks hanging from the shorts! Woah wee

For me and I assume others like Bad Boy, I like the booty nice and juicy! You know when you get to see 2 globes in some pants. Slim thick is where is at!

I don’t like them heavy though.

On a side note, I never understood why there was some hatred towards Arm Humper for humping arms. I once did this and it feels alright when not pressed against any booty. I remember my private area was mashed against her white shoulder and it was kind a turn on but she moved her shoulder away hahaha the feeling of jamming my private area against her arm was similar to the one I get when humping booty. I guess any guys likes being braced against any female parts! Sexual tensions. :)

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