Re: Eric Question

I'll say this about my misfortune: Id not had that happen in a very long time- so long that I was shocked by her reaction. She caught me off guard, but that's why I'm using it to readjust my thinking. I'll just say it was in a very crowded store that I frequent, and the aisles were tight enough so I thought I'd get away with it. She was wearing super-thin tights-so thin you could almost feel her skin through them. Girl had ass for days! I had to tough her as soon as I saw her. So I made sure to position myself on the next pass so I could swipe her just where the thigh meets her ass. Bingo! Unbelievably soft! It was like that old Lays Potato Chip saying: "Betcha can't eat just one!", so I went back again. Ouwiee! Soft! I was about to leave it alone but since she hadn't reacted I figured I'd go once more. Big mistake! As soon as I had swiped her she hollered "Will you JUST STOP?!!" I was dumbfounded! I trued to deny anything but she wasn't having it! "NO! That's three times now!" The cunt was keeping track! I'll admit, I was mortified! It made me rethink things, no doubt. I'll probably leave those kind alone from now on, in those situations (it was a "sista"). I've never had that happen with white chicks-EVER!

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