Thank you, Guestz for also giving me a reality check! I was kinda losing it with this pandemic too. Seeing all these fine women wearing slutty clothing. Woah ! But if one was supposed to grope now, we would either get beat up by the boyfriend, slapped by the girl and yelled at or arrested with news reports about it.

I am intrigued to know more about the incident where you groped. What made you do it? At what occasion did you go ( mall ?) ? Please share.

The only time I was yelled at was at the public transportation. I shared this experience before.

Besides that, one time I was at the mall when I was thirteen. There was 2 pretty and thicc white teen girls in front me. I blatantly humped their bootys without no coverups. Forgive me as I was a beginner. I heard the two girls contemplating whether to ignore it or tell my mother. I knew when to give up was when I heard that and when they shifted their booties away from me.

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