Re: Argiechikan

It's hard to say with the way things are panning out right now. I have a ticket to a show that was scheduled for April of 2020 that's been postponed until April 2021! That may seem like a reasonable amount of time considering, but just yesterday I heard of an event that's scheduled for February 2012 being postponed! This situation is is getting be depressing! You really can't depend on a schedule right now. So, I'll say this: if it works out that you can get to the US, try to get to the major festivals where you can get the most bang for your buck. I'm sure others, like Black Shogun, will later their advise, which might work for you. But my advice would be outdoor venues where there's plenty of skin and might give some protection against this damn virus. It's a crapshoot, so stay informed.

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