Summer festival

I love summer festivals, especially the ones that might rain. I was at such an event one time and I broke away from my friends.i was at an area near a stage and near the tents. The place was packed and I made sure to stay near a group of hot teens. While I was looking for a target in the crowds thunder hit hard and rain started pouring. The crowds ran to the area's with the tents. I followed these three friends running into a nearby tent. It was like a stampede, I found myself right next to on of the girls. It was so crowdedand so much commotion I was able to casually reposition her by lightly moving her waste. She had on short short. She had a nice firm round booty. I had my thumbs resting on her waiste pulling her back and forth from the part where the belt goes through. She was giggling with her friend about something else.after about 10 minutes I was now grinding harder, and the tent ended up collapsing. At first she was oblivious but at some point she became aware by by that time she didnt dooanything. Now I had my hand holding her her from her front. Im grinding, up down, in out, left to right, right to left, circles. It last about 5 minutes before they got the tent back up, after people were still there and I was going lighter because the commotion died down. She kind of leaned back onto me almost as if she wanted to feel it some more. So I held her there for about another ten minutes until the rain died down. When the crowd dispersed she went off with her friends like nothing happened.

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