Hey dudes, long time since I posted here... I'm fucking losing it with this pandemic... It's been months since I had the chance to get some chikan action, let alone get a nut. Question for those living in the US, I'm planning to go there during next summer (if this situation gets better, obviously). I plan to do a chikan tour LMAO, what do you think that are the best cities to get some extreme groping?? I know that the clubs in NY can get very good, but I am mostly interested in summer festivals with lots of teens. Are EDM festivals/raves a good idea? Here the girls that go to these kind of shows are dressed really slutty, but it never gets packed enough to get a nut deep inside some ass.

Regarding Guestz comment about getting screamed on, I think it's mostly a Roulette. It happened to me when I only did a quick backhand, and other times when I really went wild on some girl they didn't say anything. I think it mostly depends on her personality/state of mind at the moment, so if you get bad luck it can end with screams or a slap LOL.

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