Successful Chikan Writing

For somebody who doesn't care to write for "prizes", Arm Humper sure does seem to spend a lot of time talking about them. You should have seen him when Ayashi decided to put him in the HOF . . . up in here boastin' and talkin' bout "rubbin' elbows" with the other greats . . . eeerrrr that was NOT the thing for an "arm humper" to say!

The fact of the matter is that Arm Humper doesn't have the right mindset to be a successful chikan writer, and he never will. You see, as example he used to criticize my stories because chikan wasn't so "important". Well of course chikan isn't important in the grand scheme of life's things! Nobody said it was. No, the goal is to write something ENTERTAINING that people will want to read. That's the goal. They want to read what you write, and can't wait for the next piece!

Further, I note that the HOF wasn't established just to bestow prizes upon people. I know this because it was MY idea that we have one in the first place! No, the first reason to have a HOF was to make it easy for the readership to find the best stories. If you haven't noticed, the site is chaotic with stuff all over the place. Putting the best stories aside in one central place would make them easier to find and enjoy by everybody. And to encourage the best writers to keep on contributing for the benefit of all, why not recognize them individually too? THAT'S what it was all about. Not simply for empty praise and sheer vanity.

So, you can see why Arm Humper has never won . . . his "stories" are on the order of "I came, I saw, I rubbed myself on her arm or shoulder, I jizzed, and oh aren't I so great I'm SO prolific" . . . you're darn right that's not important! And not competitive enough to win, or worthy of HOF membership if you ask me. I'm just sayin . . . .

Black Shogun!!!

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