My views on Allrounder (Exposed)

Honestly Allrounder is quite an impressive long term chikan who is an improvement to the board. I think it’s an honour for him to win at least 1 online award which is the hall of fame. He should have posted more pictures and videos to back up the claims of his stories. I would be inclined to know more, we would be all interested. One man going to change the world!

When Arm Humper went to Allrounder, it sparked a change for people on this board too. Black Shogun went from Shogues to Black Shogun.

The only reason he pissed me off before is due to him nitpicking people stories for grammar mistakes.

Thank you All rounder for all that is done to this board. We should appreciate each other and be happy. We are all chikan brothers.

I used to scream BLM matters but that seems funny considering my perspective is now all minorities lives matter.

Black Shotgun:

Learning how to Love, one day at a time.

Question to the rest of the board: are any of y’all on TikTok? Those girls and dudes are so hot !

I only like to interact with few on the board with the regulars like Guestz, Eric, Freddy and Red Dragon. However new comers like Blaze have done a fantastic job keeping it lively.

Paranoia is great, it keeps me running in and out of the game. I enjoy this chikaning fame!

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