Chikaning Award Man of Month


All rounder had as much votes as anybody like Blaze.

Blaze has 2 nominations

Freddy Johnson Jr had 1 nominations

All rounder had 2 nominations

All rounder should have won Man of the Month!?!

Trinidadian Lives Matter! All chikaning must count.

All rounder have a lengthy proven 20 year career in humping Indo, Afro, Spanish Carribean Women. He even humped tourists. He humps booty and arms. He should post more on his booty humping experiences. I missed when he used to show hot Island women on this board.

All rounder is one you can trust!

As a genuine person on this board, I will still congratulate Blaze on his first award. Work harder and soon that 1 award will turn to multiple with good story telling!

Freddy Johnson Jr, you need to post that story with the girl with a wedgie.

Also wasn’t it you who claimed to hump a Instagram black girl model with a booty at a Winter Festival? I need more details on that and a video. You said you document all your encounters.

Also Freddy didn’t you just come out of jail? What techniques did you learn to avoid jail time next time buddy?

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