The Humper Gets Humped

Yesterday evening on a bus bound for the east of the island, the same route as my last four successful encounters, I arrived at orgasm after firmly pressing my penis into the left shoulder of a young woman who worked at Western Union.

Even though, as far as I can gather, I cum quite easily compared to most men, as I get older, I need more stimulation to reach a climax, so yesterday, I found myself rubbing quite vigorously on the plump shoulder of my chosen one. While I pumped my hard shaft against her shoulder, my partner was busy on her phone, scrolling down through her timeline on a social media website, pretending not to notice what I was doing.

I started by putting my soft member on her shoulder, and was pleased when this produced no response. I soon became erect, then I started to masturbate against her soft, yielding flesh, but my excitement did not increase much as I did so, so I started to worry that I might have difficulty reaching a climax, but then I recalled from past experience, that, as long as I just continued humping her for a certain duration, then the orgasm would arrive by itself, so to speak, and that is exactly what happened. I drained myself against her, feeling the warm globules of cum landing on my left thigh, then I withdrew.

As I discovered when she got off the vehicle, my plump chosen one was short and had wide hips and a big backside. She was wearing a black skirt and a grey long-sleeved blouse with the Western Union logo on it. She had a glowing, dark brown complexion, and an oval face with a pointed nose. My willing partner had beautiful, tapering fingers.

My last encounter was almost two weeks ago. I did not go out sooner because I was worried that I would meet again an older woman I came across last time who knew what I like to do and was talking openly about me with other passengers. Normally, I would just have used a different route, but because of the virus, there is now only one route that runs full buses on afternoons. I was planning to wait until September when school would be in and more buses would be full, but yesterday morning I told myself that "fortune favours the brave," and I just hoped that the older woman was a casual traveler, and not a worker who took the bus every day, and thus someone it would be difficult to avoid.

Fortunately, I did not see this woman on any of the buses I took yesterday. There were no women I wanted to hump on the first vehicle I took, so I got off about five minutes later, then, after a long wait for another bus going in the same direction, I caught the vehicle on which I found my partner.

I stayed on this bus all the way to its destination, and during the trip, when I was sitting down, even though there were empty seats, a tall, plump, young woman wearing jeans stood by my side and repeatedly pressed herself on my right shoulder on the pretext of making way for passengers who were getting off the vehicle.

Arm Humper: Neither tired nor retired; still going strong.

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