Mad as fuck and unlucky (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

Saw this big booty ebony milf at a small time Christian event with a fat ass and slutty appeal. I tried to line that up so many times and keep it natural because I am known and many times I believed I lined that shit up perfectly but somehow I kept missing her ass. It was POKING out there too so I will never know if I just subconsciously chickened out or if she was being was hula hooping them hips! But what agitated me was I saw some gay ass dude position himself exactly like I did and NO hula hoop shit happened! HER ASS WAS PLASTERED ON HIM WITH NO SPACE FOR ATOMS DEAD ASS AND IT WAS SO BLATANT BUT NO ONE SAW OR CARED! HE HAD A FUCKING ARCH IN HIS BACK TOO SO HE WAS DIGGING! So pissed he got the goods and I kept fucking up! I hate being known around potential targets. Gets me off my game... The universe is determined to keep chikan off my plate. But anyway Fuck That Bitch Ass Arched Backed Gaytard! But also a congrats cause from what little I felt I KNOW that ass was great. Especially with all that pressure and no protest agh. If I catch her again I don’t give af! Even if it is in church.

- Desperate Sad Buster signing out. ( Any good arrimon,encoxada, humping vids are appreciated. I seriously need to find the good shit though. I feel like I’m only looking at the surface groping vids.)

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