Response to Red Dragon

Thank you for acknowledging my opinion!

You must not have been aware that racism affects all other minorities, heck towards Asians and Indians it must be normalized for you guys.

BLM complains about the black population making up high percentages of the crime rates and blames the model minorities. Well, I know for a fact, y’all rather focus on your social life than your academic life.

There is some Black Lawyers, Doctors and Judges who have been very successful so y’all can say you were discriminated against.

All lives matter brings attention to everyone. Maybe it should be called all minorities lives matter!

You must think it’s okay we only see white people and Black people on the media and in Hollywood.

Often when we see Asians, Hispanics and Indians portrayed in shows and movies, they are playing stereotypes of jumping boarders or using their accents to be funny which is not.

Think about what’s going on in the world.

BLM is only making lives better for Black people and not any other minorities.

Where does all the BLM money goes towards? How come there haven’t been any improvements?

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