Black Shogun

Dear Black Shogun,

I am an avid reader of your stories. I have read about your encounters with Asians, Indians and White females.

Why don’t you ever hump Latinas or Black Women? Do you not like them? Have you ever humped them before and never shared?

Why did you only return to humping from retired to semi retired after an “Guest” called you out?

Will you ever contribute another full fledged story about your encounters or the most recent ones?

Are you married to anyone? Which race?

Do you get mad when you see an Indian guy or a White guy or a Hispanic man or an Asian guy hump a black women? Imaging an Chinese man humping an Black Women is so funny to think about. He would finally be balls deep in some booty without even trying. His tool would easily disappear.

Why did you change your name from Shogues to Black Shogun?

Do you know why arm Humper changed his name from arm Humper to all rounder?

Sorry about the questions. I didn’t mean to be like the paparazzi.

Have a lovely night!

Your friend,


My voting ballot for manly men of the month goes towards Allrounder for his memorable contributions as of late.

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