Freedom of Speech about the Board and Politics

This is an opinion. Just 1 anonymous person opinion that isn’t forcing on anyone or anything.

Do I agree with WLM? No

Do I agree with BLM? No

Reasons is because it divides us as humans. We are all apart of the human race and treated equally. All Lives Matter,

Do you know racism affects other minorities as well?

How come the black people can break through into Hollywood and movies but we hardly know of any prominent Indo Carribean, Indians, Asians, Hispanics and Indigenous people.

How come when someone talks negatively towards Asians, Hispanics and Indians, they can get away with it? But when talking about a black person, they received news attention, social media backlash, fired from their job and their life and career is ruined. Where’s the same treatment?

Police brutality doesn’t only affect Black people but Indigenous and Hispanics as well.

How come when an Asian, Indigenous or Hispanic person dies at the hands of police, it’s swept under the rug? But when an Black person dies at the hands of the police, we have protests, pushes for the cops to be arrested and investigations into the matter.

Yes you may say black people were bringed from Africa to help develop North America.

How about the Indians who riches were stole from them? How about the indentured servants from India?

How about the Chinese who helped build railways and were heavily discriminated against such as the Chinese Exclusion act?

Asians, Hispanics, Indo Carribean and Indians help bringed started multiple businesses here.

Many other minorities make up the force force. A lot are doctors, engineers and lawyers.

If we can’t say the n word, we must also stop using the words:

Wear deodorant you smelly Indian! Take a shower. Curry muncher!

Stop calling Indians paki . Stop saying they smell like curry.

You are a Ching Chong from China or Ling Ling boy or Kim Jung Un

Stereotyping Indians as Taxi Drivers

Stop comparing Indians and Asians to people like Ravi and Balijeet and Jackie Chan. It’s not funny.

To Black Shogun and Guestz, I hope y’all can also say ALL LIVES MATTER!! Yes, even all frotteurs and Chikans matter!

Stop saying racism only affects black people. Look around, it affects everyone, all other minorities.

I remember when I say a black person call a brown lady a paki. I wanted to beat the shit out of the black guy and call him out for his racism but he looked high on drugs.

Indians/brown people never started a virus to the world.

Like how Africa started Ebola and Europeans started AIDS.

Again, this is an OPINION. Freedom of speech.

Let’s continue to hump and grope women. Share them stories, pictures and videos!

Blaze, you got to step up and keep sharing the hustle rustle. Share the stories. Don’t let the momentum fade to black! Haha

My vote for All rounder for Man of the Month stands. No changing it!

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