Hey Black Shogun,

I think you recent post about not being able to do much chikaning these days was a reference to me saying I can’t chikan anymore due to COVID-19! :)

I just wanted to clarify and say some of y’all “bastards” lol are quite lucky to take advantage and still continue. Like some of y’all got lucky with the BLM protests and winding up groping some chicks!

Or in Allrounder case, he is still able to continue his chikaning as he says you have to wear a mask on the bus though. I read it somewhere in his post. Man, I can’t wait to return to the Islands for my vacation.

Lastly, I didn’t keep updated on Sweden but I assume if there was any festivals or events; that a Swedish chikan got quite lucky.

My cases of not chikaning in Canada is

Due to:

Nobody seems to want to ride the public transportation anymore as some people are still collecting benefits as their workplace is still closed. Also, 10 percent of people say they don’t want to ride the TTC until a vaccine is found.

All events and concerts were cancelled.

School has shifted to online for post secondary students.

Got to hope 2021 is a better year for the new comers and veterans of this board! I don’t identify as a new comer nor a veteran. I am the one in between.

Anyways, hope to see some good stories still. I am guessing Blaze is either in Africa or South America! :)

My second nomination for Man of the Month is Blaze. Congratulations!

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