Black shogun, you stopped contributing the videos and pictures or throwback videos of humping? Why?

You got to leave Allrounder the f alone! He’s a brilliant mind where his posts can only be comprehended by those with a brain. Allrounder is smart as he’s a former educator. He has a degree. All rounder is contributing 24/7 or 48/7. He needs to post more of his stories but in more details plus pictures! He learned his lesson of not posting Aunt Jemina on here. Give him a break!

He’s not retired or tired. He’s still going strong!

Let him hump his Carribbean women arms in peace! He doesn’t only hump black women. The man told you he humps Afro, indo, native, Spanish and white tourists. Leave him alone! He’s a hall of famer. A legend among us!

My vote for man of the month is Allrounder. Well deserved! Congratulations on a successful 20 year career.

Allrounder loved how you came up with neither retired or tired.

I’m your biggest reader!!

Love from New Zealand.

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