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Hey Black Shogun! Thanks for pointing it out. Either I made a typo or I must be colourblind! Hahaha just kidding around.

I did like Blaze story as well but something about that grey dress lady from Freddy Johnson really got to me and my eye. I casted my nomination in as that was a good throwback story. It clicked well with me due to the fact it’s a West Indian festival. My parents are from the West Indies.

If only we could cast 2 nominations, I would have nominated Blaze as well. His story was a good read.

Anyways, I appreciate that you read my story and remembered it. Thanks for the laugh with the connection to the song! :) A Chikan would do anything for his hump.

On to the next matter, although I don’t always see eye to eye with Black Shogun, I got to agree. Guests should have a valid handle or a long term username. They must have contributed pictures, stories or videos. However to the Guest who claimed to be a long term member of this board and since we can’t contradict that, you are always welcomed to vote! ;)

Since everyone seems to be commenting a closing statement... here’s mine.

Eric: A university student who misses humping Canadian and Carribean women. I get the best of both worlds! Aha haha

I spend 3/4 of the year in Canada for my studies and a quarter of the year in South America as a vacation place.

I can’t do this anymore due to COVID19 and I kinda miss it. My areas of chikaning would be at concerts, school and public transportation. Got to wait till the vaccine is found to have things return as normal. My parents didn’t want me to attend any BLM protests. Also, I didn’t want to go either because of the violence that goes on sometimes. If you read the news, you would see what I am talking about.

Peace out guys!

Would checkin once in a while to see what’s going on and hopefully to read some great stories! Keep up the great work Freddy Johnson Jr and Blaze! I don’t remember the other guy name(New York Subway Groper?!) someone contributed a great story too. Got to give everyone credit where it’s due.

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