Yep . . . Abuse!

Given your long tenure here with your past history, comments, and conduct (including regarding the veracity of other members) . . . your statement is far from being in the "abstract" only . . . it's part and parcel of the same condescending narrative you've propagated over the years regarding the matter. And anybody who has been around reading long enough knows it, so stop insulting other people's intelligence.

You only wrote what you did because of what I wrote, which factually is the 100%, honest to goodness truth, and disparages nobody. If it had been anybody else, you probably would not have even responded. Now, it was you who wrote that past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct . . . you're still telling the truth since 2003! Well, at least with respect to that. Goodnight Mr. Allrounder. Time for me to enjoy my July 4th weekend!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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