Guest's Requests

All of my experiences with Indo-Caribbean women over the last 15 years have been arm humping events. I climaxed against the backside of such a woman about 20 years ago, but I do not have a written record of the encounter, and the memory of it is fading. There is a girl I have mentioned more than once, the one who is now studying medicine at university. She is part Indian, part African. She has long, wavy, black hair. But, again, that is an arm humping story.

I am glad that you like Caribbean women. You clearly know something about the region, so you would know that we have all of the major races here, and I like to do females of different ethnicities for the sake of variety, but what matters most to me is getting to orgasm, and whether the woman is African, Indian, European, or Chinese, the climax feels the same to me. The same thing is true of the arm/ass variable. Whatever part of her body I come against, the highpoint feels the same.

Arm Humper: Experience Matters.

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